An Executive Search firm uniquely suited to help build your company's most valued asset - its leadership. Leveraging 65 years of diverse industry experience, as well as more than 30 years of success in the executive search field, our three Partners pool our knowledge to rise to our clients' challenges, one leader at a time. Our collective expertise allows for multiple concurrent engagements, enhancing our service capabilities and customer satisfaction.

There is no substitution for experience. A partnership of three premier executives, we are unique in our uncommon mix of industry and executive search experience. This blend means we can achieve our clients' goals from the inside out, in record time.


Each of our Partners has held leadership positions in the industries we serve, and we understand the issues and challenges you face from an insider's viewpoint. We know your industry, your competitive climate, and what you need to do to be successful. Born of our experiences, our knowledge is relevant to your situation, and can be readily applied in culling the landscape for that next critical piece of your human leadership puzzle.

"No man's knowledge can go beyond his experience." - John Locke.


The leading global corporations with which we have been associated deeply value - and instilled in us the importance of integrity. Your team has worked hard to develop your company's brand and corporate reputation over time. In turn, we work every day to ensure that our actions reflect and strengthen our clients' values as we represent them in the marketplace.

"Does one's integrity ever lie in what he's not able to do?" - Flannery O'Conner


For us, velocity is achieved from a mix of profound industry knowledge, specialized practice areas, extensive personal networks, the cooperation of our full partnership, and leveraging proven and successful research resources. Within a typical engagement, we will have relevant candidates active within the first week; and we are continually looking ahead to ensure that the process moves quickly, professionally and productively.

"With all deliberate speed." - Anonymous