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"My experience with Braswell Nees Group has been phenomenal! I have had the pleasure of working with BNG since March of 2009 not only as a candidate for a VP of HR they were sourcing, but also as a client. BNG was charged with recruiting 50 executive level positions and they were able to provide me with a highly skilled and diverse candidate pool for each position they sourced. These guys are great relationship builders and have an uncanny ability to find candidates for open positions that have long been cold. I would not hesitate in recommending BNG as the exclusive executive search firm any organization would be proud to partner with."
- Angelo Frangi, VP- HR for TriServ Alliance

Our relevant and timely industry experience elevates our efficacy in every step in the search process. This translates into greater velocity and accuracy in the solutions we generate for you.


  • Quick and targeted strategies to your specific challenges and situation.
  • Identify issues that are unique to your firm's culture, and match them with similar cultures known within the industry.
  • Integrate specific nuances of each opportunity into the development of a winning position description that will ultimately help us identify top performers.

  • Quickly target companies that we already know will be relevant.
  • Articulate the opportunity with candidates in industry jargon.
  • Develop a rapport with the candidate quickly based on credibility.
  • Utilize firsthand understanding of various titling and hierarchical nomenclature specific to an industry or practice.


  • Identify the highest performers based on candidate accomplishments and previous associations.
  • Ensure productive interviews by accurately positioning the attributes of each side.
  • Gather feedback and share in context with industry.


  • Ensure the package reflects current industry standards and practices.
  • Deliver the offer persuasively and negotiate if necessary, always with integrity.