Position Specification Development

Following is a sample of the list of questions and areas that we examine in the position specification development exercise:

What Mission Critical Business Objectives will this person address?
What do you expect this person to accomplish?
What will their objectives be?
Measurable Internal Objectives
» Business Process Related
» Finance Related
» Employee/Board Member Related
Measurable External Objectives
» Wall Street Related
» Shareholder Related
» Market Related
» Customer Related
What acumen(s) will be required to be successful?
Functional Acumen
Specific Experience/Expertise
» Absolute requirements - what capabilities has this person demonstrated?
» What capability gaps currently exist in the organization that need to be addressed by this person?
Industry Acumen
What specific industry or sector experience does this person need to have?
» General Industry
» Specific Sub-Industry
» Complimentary industries that may have generated the skills necessary?
How will this person's performance be measured?
» What deliverables will be expected, and in what time frames?
» What are the critical measures of success for this position?
» How will this person's success impact the larger organization?
What is the client interview process?
» Who will be involved, and at what stages?
» Keep same people involved in all interviews
» Use two people in same interview/same room, when possible
» Use external consultants, etc., to validate very specific technical capabilities, as well as provide additional insights for the candidates.
Anticipated Compensation Range
» What is realistic, pre-approved range and expectations?
» Compensation will dictate experience levels of target candidates.